Stand Down Sepp

by Segun Odegbami © Segun Odegbami )November 12th 2014


The Malaise

Despite agreeing that his fourth term would be his last Sepp Blatter has announced that he wants to run for a fifth as President of FIFA. Mr Blatter, please step aside. The thought of Blatterʼ decision just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Whoever knows Blatter well should advise him to shelve the idea for the good of the game. If he truly loves football the way he professes he does, he should step aside and halt this epidemic of remaining in power for ever.

What more does he want to do and accomplish that he has not done and achieved in the long ‘centuries’ of his reign? What more does he want? What? What?

Unwelcome Trends


He will only be further spreading the disease of self-perpetuation in office and continuing a dangerous trend that has already consumed and destroyed the fabric of football administration in Africa, and, particularly, Nigeria.

When you wonder where those who choose to attempt to perpetuate themselves in the leadership of football derive their example and inspiration from, look no further than FIFA and CAF. Since Blatter will obviously not voluntarily surrender power, the world of football must rise up now and kill the cancer of his dictatorship! No one ever voluntarily surrenders power!

No one is also indispensable, None! Blatter does not have the monopoly of knowledge or experience, or even love for the game of football. Football can surely do with some new ideas, new faces and new thinking about its future. Itʼs overdue.



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