by Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (November 15th 2014)


Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck scored a brace against Srečko Katanec’s Slovenia at Wembley tonight. That brought his international tally to 13. Of the current England squad Welbeck and former Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney are the only players in double figures. Welbeck is a full 31 goals behind Rooney, who tied the great Jimmy Greaves for third place on the all-time scorers list for England tonight.

Welbeck matched Ipswich Town’s Paul Mariner, Tottenham Hotspur duo Bobby Smith and Martin Chivers with his brace. He may also tied one other – the least known of the quintet, but the only one to have once held the scoring record – Nottingham Forest’s Tinsley Lindley. Shamefully, despite being an icon in and out of the sporting arena the multi-faceted Lindley was buried in an unmarked grave in 1940. A campaign to honour the shamefully neglected all-rounder resulted in a headstone marking his final resting place being unveiled in March 2014.

Long Overdue

An appreciation of this neglected icon of English sport is long overdue. Lindley scored at least 13 goals for England in internationals between 1891-96. His record was beaten by Steve Bloomer and then equalled by Vivian Woodward. Later Sir Tom Finney broke their record and was equalled by Nat Lofthouse. Jimmy Greaves and then Sir Bobby Charlton broke it again and Lindley was forgotten about.

But Lindley was an all-round sportsman. Not only was he an effective striker, mainly for Nottingham Forest and England, but he was a talented rugby player in his youth and played First Class Cricket for Cambridge University and Nottinghamshire, although he didn’t play many matches. Lindley was also a barrister and later judge too – a genuine all-rounder on and off the field of play.


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